With much love to Talib Kweli‘s new cut Listen (from the album Eardrum):

Ladies and gentleman, get ready here it come.
[Jill Tubman] and I’m bangin’ on your eardrum.
Get up, get into, and get involved.
There’s a little somethin’ that I wanna spit for y’all.
(I wanna know!)
Now let me get up in it.

You love the sounds coming out your speaker
I spit rounds like a nine millimeter
The youth today, they frown at the teachers
They ain’t down with no leaders

Hmmm…when you know the demographics in your country are shifting, does it make sense to completely ignore the people in a growing demographic in favor of an ignorant, fearful and shrinking one? What’s always fascinated me about American racism is just how twisted, awkward, self-destructive and irrational it always is. Here’s a video documenting the current slate of Republican presidential candidates’ consistent avoidance of speaking to people of color. It’s enough to almost make a young person cynical. Or get up into making change happen.

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