Like Tupac and Humpty said, “All around the world, it’s the same song.”

I read this in the NY Times a few days ago and had to blink a few times:

The language in Mr. Bush’s speech reflected an intense and continuing struggle between factions within his administration over how aggressively to confront Iran. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been arguing for a continuation of a diplomatic approach, while officials in Vice President Dick Cheney’s office have advocated a much tougher view. They seek to isolate and contain Iran, and to include greater consideration of a military strike.

Didn’t Colin Powell go through the very same thing? Haven’t we seen this movie before? Did Rice explain the Pottery Barn rules to Cheney with regard to Iran? Can we now expect Rice to apologize after her resignation as well? I am so tired of “former” officials trying to clear their consciouses well after such confessions could do the country and the world some good. Do us all a favor, speak up when it counts or shut up when it doesn’t.

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