My fellow blogger Angry Independent just posted this over at Mirror On America:

UPDATE: It is Nailah Franklin. Story from The Chicago Tribune

Sad Update to the Nailah Franklin Story

A sad and unfortunate update to a story posted a few days ago.

Police have located a body believed to be that of Nailah Franklin. Additional Reports from ABC News, and MSNBC.

The body was reportedly found not far from where her car was abandoned. I’m curious as to why the Police did not do a more thorough search of the area originally. Was the body missed by tracking dogs?

I hope this case can be resolved quickly for the sake of her family. Hopefully the lack of any solid known leads (at this point) is just a sign that police are not wanting to show their cards, as opposed to being indifferent. We shall see as the case moves along.

Posted by The Angry Independent

Let’s say a prayer for her family.

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