Everyone has their story about where they were that day. Everyone can remember being gripped by the television.

What I remember is how I knew that the internet had changed so much in our lives. I wasn’t near a television that day until evening. All of my information that day came from the internet. The pictures I saw, the stories. I was able to relay the info to the rest of my colleagues.

But, also how the internet was the place where we were able to try and connect with those that we knew were in NYC and Washington, D.C. Through Emails, IM’s, and Posts on Message Boards that we frequent, more often than not, we were alerted to the safety of our online community, before we could talk to them on the telephone.

The missteps, one after another, that have happened for this country since 9/11 is what upsets me more.

Shredding the Constitution?
Giving away civil liberties and privacy?
Involving ourselves in torture and secret prisons?
Pissing away our reputation around the world?
Involving ourselves in a quagmire known as Iraq?

No, it hasn’t made us safer. Not in the least.

Don’t dare question my patriotism, because I’m not a mind-numbed, war monger. For all my criticisms, this IS my country, and I’m not going anywhere. Which is why I want it to be the best that it possibly can be, and that simply hasn’t happened since September 11, 2001.

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