Seriously, I don’t even know why we are still debating the need to pull out from Iraq and focus on areas of real concern. Why is it that people are still fact-challenged about this? Bush has proven time and again that he is either a liar or badly mis-informed. Why would any sane, reasonable person believe him now after so many lies about who actually attacked us on 9/11, the WMDs, Katrina relief and recovery just to name a few off the top of my head.

Devilstower does an outstanding job setting everyone straight and really, I challenge the MSM to step up and contrast — as they did so well during and after Katrina — the Administration’s statements versus real facts on the ground and let people decide for themselves.

Damn reality and it’s “get our service men and women the hell out of your massive screw up” bias! Not only has every single month of this year has seen an increase in US casualties, the last three months — the months when the “surge” has been at full strength — have been the worst summer ever since the war began, with every single month topping the charts.

Meanwhile, Osama bin Laden is apparently getting a beard makeover and is all set to humiliate Americans by threatening us in a shiny new video for Sept 11. And the Taliban has become powerful enough that one of their recent terrorist actions against the nations of a major U.S. ally — South Korea — succeeded in convincing the South Koreans to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan. And received a $20 million ransom that we know will be used to try and kill the people who disagree with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. That would include you and me. Don’t believe me?

“We got more than $20 million dollars from them (the Seoul government),” the commander told Reuters on condition of anonymity. “With it we will purchase arms, get our communication network renewed and buy vehicles for carrying out more suicide attacks.” […]

The commander is on the 10-man leadership council of the Islamist Taliban movement, which is led by the elusive Mullah Mohammad Omar.

I just don’t understand why $200 billion more needs to go to Iraq when we are threatened at home and overseas — still — by the people who struck us on 9/11. We’re not making Iraq any safer as the occupying force and as the government behind the government. We are compounding the problem. Most of the world apparently (according to the BBC) thinks we should leave. We cannot improve security there. We are the problem in Iraq right now, not the solution.

It is the height of folly and the nursery for our self-destruction to ignore real threats while attempting to save face on a national scale. Responsible lawmakers will find a way to put America’s defense back on track this September.

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