h/t to SuperSpade — A Louisiana judge has overturned Mychal Bell’s conviction saying the case should have been brought in juvenile court. At the time of the incident in Dec 2006, Mychal was only 16.

This case is important because it shows a growing willingness among blacks to challenge a legal system often biased and skewed against us. Comfortable integration and new affluence have yet to remove the affliction felt by each and every African-American of a system — intended to protect all Americans — that is statistically stacked against us. It’s one of the issues in the black community that crosses all socio-economic lines. Ask a black friend to tell you about the time they or a relative were harassed by the police. Chances are, he or she will have a story to tell you that will grit your teeth.

The legal lynching of these young men is being stopped (hopefully) through the efforts of ordinary people like you and me who are willing to say no to racial profiling and legal lynching for political, vengeful or fear-inducing purposes.

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