What’s up fam,

We’re back on News & Notes this Wednesday afternoon, and I’m reaching out to yall for topic suggestions. What’s on your mind from the past week?

  • Condi fighting Cheney over diplomacy v. war
  • Some hints of justice for the Jena Six
  • The snorable Fred Thompson
  • Bush’s speech
  • Greenspan’s criticism of the Bush administration and backpedalling on the war for oil comment
  • Alan Keyes jumping into the race (because somebody has to take on Mike Gravel)


Throw em up on the comments.

Update 17th September at 11:34pm

That’s what I get for blogging from a plane about to depart. I forgot to mention the other bloggers on the show!

Juliette Orteing of Baldilocks
lynne d johnson of herself

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