Was listening to Tavis Smiley this morning on the Tom Joyner show, and his commentary was about how:
1. Rudy Giuliani
2. Mitt Romney
3. John McCain

have ALL sent their ‘ regrets’ about Tavis’ All-American Presidential Forum. I wrote a post on Sunday about the GOP snubbing Univision, and McCain was still in. Now, he’s dropped out too.

This is not an isolated incident. In forum upon forum, the GOP has come up missing when it comes to speaking and presenting in front of Black audiences. ONLY TOM TANCREDO has bothered to present himself to a Black Audience, where he was received well.

Tavis did a ‘Shout out’ to his fellow Black Republicans, asking them why they were so silent on this matter. They keep on yapping that the GOP is a valid alternative for Black America, yet, when a nationally televised forum is put together so that GOP Candidates can present what they believe are GOP answers to concerns of the Black community, three of their Major Candidates don’t even bother to respect Black Americans with their presence.

Why aren’t these Black Republicans CHALLENGING their own frontrunners to appear in front of a Black audience?

I will give Maryland Senatorial Candidate Michael Steele credit. In an interview this week, Steele said that the GOP should be at Tavis’ forum, and that they need to either ‘ put up or shut up’ about being serious about presenting a platform to the Black community.

But, I haven’t heard from any more prominent Black Republicans or Conservative Bloggers…their silence is deafening. And, until they speak up and out about this, they should just keep quiet about the GOP actually being a ‘ choice’ for Black folk. But, as with so much else with the GOP, Black Republicans will find some sort of mental gymnastics to excuse this away.

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