Not that I am surprised, but it is infuriating to watch the folks at CNN butcher the “Read a Book” video. They compare it to Schoolhouse Rock! Schoolhouse Rock was not satire! If you can stomach it, please watch the clip below. The entire presentation of the story was wrong including the use of the black parents who are angry at the video. Where is this anger over “A Bay Bay” etc?

It is just too ironic that BET is being taken to task by the likes of CNN over THIS video.

And the host, Tony Harris, needs to check himself. Brotha’s been watching Bill O’Reilly too much. In the real world, the right people are probably getting the message of “Read a Book,” but I can’t help but be frustrated at the massive distraction that shows like this CNN farce are to the real work that needs to be done which is to reclaim the images and messages of our people from those who have sold us self-destruction in the name of profits.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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