Eddie Griffin posted in the comments of my original post that What About Our Daughters had some great coverage of yesterday’s hearings. After reviewing their ridiculously good coverage, I need to give a phat shout to What About Our Daughters (WAOD). Even if you watched the live web stream, their perspective is unique and valuable.

I thought I’d pull out some links to make it more accessible to yall. I’ve done some selective quoting to give you a flavor of the highlights.

When you click through to the articles, you’ll have to scroll down past a large header before you get to the main blog post. Just a heads up. BTW, these posts are in chronological order. If you want to see the full live blogging set over at WAOD, just click here. I love bloggers man. Talk about democratization of media. This is a shining example right here.

WAOD Live Blogging From Imus to Industry Hearings in Washington,DC- Witness List Up(SMH) _ Rev. Al Gotta be MAD!

Master P and Levell Crump( Open mind. Must. Keep. An. Open. Mind.(repeat))
Y’all know Rev. Al is TICKED that his arch nemesis, David Banner is speaking before Congress.

I’m in the hearing rom by the skin of my teeth

We were in line since 8:00 but barely got into the hearing room because Viacom brought about 50 lobbyists and the entertainment companies brought HUGE groups of people with them. ONLY 25 people in the line that had been there since 8:00AM got in. The room was already filled when we got in. Apparently WE ended up in the section reserved for the press so this female staffer in a black suit and a green silk shirt keeps giving us the STANK eye and I keep giving it back!

Blogger Eddie Griffin and Afrospear Get a Shout out in the hearing! – EDDIES’s Statement in Full( BELOW)

YAY Eddie! Congressman Burgess read your e-mail in the hearing room.

Hell we are over an hour in and the congresspeople are STILL talking. Couldn’t they all just STIPULATE that they A) aren’t in favor of Censorship and B) Folks can get a V-chip

Viacom uses Hearings to Promote BET Show “HIp Hop Versus America”

SHAMELESS Plug. Viacom is the Devil. Shameless. They made us sit through a commercial of BET in the House of the People! Bought and paid for. Shecodes is having a fit next to me. Why didn’t Viacom show a clip from 106 and Park? Why didn’t they show “A Bay Bay”

Celebrity Sightings at Break AND We finally get to the QUESTIONS! _ Its getting hot in here! FINALLY

Ranking Republican member (Stearns) – confronting head of Universal Music with 50 Cent and Cam’ron lyrics. Go get em! I guess the Republicans didn’t get the memo. THAT’S what Viacom gets for not throwing them a reception tonight as part of CBC week. The ranking member is taking it to them. This is what I sat cramped in an airline seat to see. I am loving this!

Congressman Butterfield(NC) is Enraptured with Viacom – just gushing. Viacom CEO says he doesn’t actually keep up with that what they put on the air. Viacom CEO is satisfied with his standards. Salutes Warner Music for the work that they do? Who the hell is this Congressman. He has to be a member of the CBC.

Viacom CEO says Rev. Coates is “Harassing Debra Lee at her Home”

WHY is this sister Congresswomen sitting up on the podium waving a church fan? She
came in late so i don’t know her name yet, but WHY did she pull out a big ole fan waving like she up in a hot church.

Viacom is very proud of funding “Hot Ghetto Mess”.

Panel Two – David Banner, Michael Eric Dyson and Master P

David banner looks like that guy from Saturday Night Live , Tracey something. His suit is too tight. David Banner is the Republican Witness.


I was wondering why folks were passing out flyers up in here.

Panel Two – David Banner College Graduate? Couldn’t tell – Calls Hip Hop “Horror Music”

David Banner defends the “N” Word. Wonders why Steven King and Stephen Spilberg get a pass wants Hip Hop to be considered “Horror Music” Oh lord he is going after Homeland Security now. David Banner’s mama showed up and and applauded at the end of his opening statement.

Panel Three FINALLY Starts – They Should Have Gone First

The hearing room is now empty. Congressmen and women are gone. Most of the Audience that was packed in is gone when perhaps this is the panel most of these folks should have made sure they listened to.

Rush is the only Congressman left to ask questions of Panel 3

Rush is talking out both of the sides of his mouth. He was preening and fawning over the entertainment execs and now he is oozing with empathy for Black women in front of the ONLY PANEL WITH WOMEN on it. Why didn’t he ask the Execs this question?

Post Hearings Reflections – Congress States Definitively “Black Women, Y’all are on Your Own!”

If you thought the hearings were long tedious and boring, you were wrong. What happened on camera was nothing like the circus off camera. Like caribou locking antlers in a battle of a territory, we watched the melodrama of the Black Elite Establishment play out in front of our eyes. It would make you laugh, make you cry, make you want to see it again and again.

The main lesson is the one I pointed out at the beginning of this blog. The negative depiction of Black women is not a matter for Capitol Hill, it is a matter for the capital markets. Its not abotu free speech, but the free market. Its not a constitutional issue, but a customer service issue.


Phew. A hat tip doesn’t seem like enough praise to WAOD. How do you get bigger than that? Maybe a gallon hat flip? I’m trippin. Anyway, hope this was helpful.

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