Folks, we have a Jack & Jill Politics special video report. I’ve been here at YearlyKos in Chicago and am trying to post video every day on something. At a panel titled “Outfoxing Fox” people discussed some of the recent victories we’ve had in de-legitimizing this Republican propaganda outlet. One of the best examples, as we know, is the effort to call attention to and cancel the jointly sponsored Fox “News” / Congressional Black Caucus Democratic debate set to go down in Detroit this fall.

Most of the major Democratic candidates have withdrawn, and that was thanks in major part to the work of Robert Greenwald, creator of FoxAttacks,.com, and our own James Rucker at Color of Change. Color of Change provided a rallying point for many of us political black bloggers, black newspapers and others, crossing class and technological boundaries to put a stop to the CBC’s absurdity. In this interview, I talk to James about the current status of the debates, Color of Change’s mission and a new opportunity correct the injustice involving the Jena 6 (pronounced JEE-na, BTW)

For some coverage of the CBC issue, our own archives at Jack & Jill provide plenty, but so does the work of Afro-Netizen, Prometheus 6, and others.

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