Though Dianne Feinstein betrayed the Black community by voting FOR Leslie Southwick, we can STILL STOP HIM from being confirmed by the Senate.

I give the floor to Skeptical Brotha:

I love cooking shows and the Food Network. I’ve been bothered by the lack of ethnic diversity on the channel, but I am buoyed by creative and cheerful southern cooks and restaurateurs like Paula Deen. Miss Paula is probably my favorite. People with her charm and warmth are part of what making living in the south tolerable. Her recipes are full of rich ingredients and served with love. It’s more than just cooking for Miss Paula; it’s almost her way of saying thank you to God for the many blessings he’s bestowed, and for the comfort of good food, good friends, and close family.

Fine dining is a combination of all of those important ingredients and she understands that intuitively. Like entertaining and fine dining, column writing is an art. Among the ingredients of good column writing: a sense of humor, a strong vocabulary, and the ability to tell a story. George Will, the conservative Washington Post Columnist that also has a gig on ABC’s public affairs program, “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” is reputed to be a columnist of legendary prowess.

He and other conservatives have overplayed the sanctimony in their crocodile tear commentary over the last several years. We’ve been consistently treated to well coordinated campaigns of right–wing talking points while they’ve been surreptitiously engaged in a long ideological march to remake our courts in their overwhelmingly white, right-wing and indifferent image. George Will’s latest Sunday column is no different. However, along with a dash of tasty hypocrisy and indifference, he also adds some special ingredients: fantasy and prevarication.

Will measured the ingredients in his column to deliberately poison people like me with severe allergies to white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. Will’s foils this week are liberals, and by extension, Barack Obama. Obama announced his “opposition” to the Leslie Southwick nomination some time back. As I’ve said before, he gon’ must do a helluva lot more than issue a press release to stop my criticism. He gon’ hafta do some heavy lifting’ instead of going through the motions of opposition as he usually does.

Anyhoo, Will does a great job of minimizing the racial insensitivity of this nomination and this nominee. He has the audacity to criticize African American critics of this nomination and dismisses out of hand the fact that only one African American sits on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and more than 37 percent of Mississippians are African American, says Will, “This “diversity” argument suggests that courts should be considered representative institutions, like legislatures, and that the theory of categorical representation is valid: people of a particular race, ethnicity or gender can be understood and properly represented only by people of that same category.”

I hate taking mothfucka’s to school, but I’m forced to in this instance. First, Will’s argument with respect to the courts not being representative institutions, like legislatures, is totally, and completely disingenuous. We all know that for purposes of ideology, the makeup of the courts are methodically tracked by liberals and conservatives alike and any omission that fails to recognize this constitutes hypocrisy.

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So you can contact your Senators and any others about the Southwick Nomination:

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