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As per the Chicago Tribune:

School bans shirts in racially tinged case
Associated Press
August 30, 2007

JENA, La. – Officials at a central Louisiana high school have banned T-shirts supporting six black students accused in the beating of a white schoolmate, saying the shirts are disruptive.

About nine students at Jena High School wore the “Free the Jena 6” T-shirts on Tuesday, and the slogan caused too much of a stir on campus, said LaSalle Parish Schools Supt. Roy Breithaupt.

John Jenkins said his three daughters wore the shirts to make a statement, not to cause trouble.

“They weren’t doing anything other than wearing the shirts,” Jenkins said. “The school doesn’t have a dress code. They were covered. They’re trying to tell them what they can and can’t wear.”

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Interesting, they ban t-shirts, but have no problem with allowing the circumstances that precipitated the need for the t-shirts.


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