When I read this item over at POLITOPICS, I had to smile.

Here’s the Condi Dish:

Rush & Molloy

When Condi went nuclear
Wednesday, August 29th 2007, 4:00 AM

Condoleezza Rice may be willing to compromise at a Middle East negotiating table – but not at a jewelry counter.

Coit Blacker, a Stanford professor who is one of the secretary of state’s closest friends, recalls going into a shop where Rice asked to see earrings. The clerk showed her costume jewelry. Rice asked to see something nicer, prompting the clerk to whisper some sass under her breath.

Blacker remembers Rice tearing the woman to shreds.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” he recalls her saying. “You are behind the counter because you have to work for minimum wage. I’m on this side asking to see the good jewelry because I make considerably more.”

A manager quickly brought Rice better baubles.


Never thought I’d cheer for Condi, but, um, I can relate. Is there a Black woman alive who can’t relate?

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