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Good news, Jack & Jill Politics will be participating in the blogger’s roundtable over at NPR’s News & Notes, hosted by Farai Chideya!!

Here’s a brief description of the show for those that don’t know:

From newsmakers to performers, health to finance, News & Notes explores fascinating issues and people from an African American perspective.

The show will be recorded and broadcast live this Wednesday August 22 at 1pm ET. Last week’s roundtable included LaShawn Barber, Jim Collier and L.N. Rock (AA Political Pundit). This week will include Jack Turner/Baratunde (me) from Jack & Jill, Avery Tooley [Stereo Describes My Scenario] and Liza Sabater [Culture Kitchen, among others].

I want to crowdsource this joint. What hot topics do you think we should discuss from the past week or few days in the news?

Topics on my mind:

  • Racism in healthcare (great dnA post last week)
  • Black celebrities as major political players (latimes)
  • CARE makes dramatic change in food aid policy, saying US aid may hurt poor people in Africa and elsewhere (nytimes)

More? Post it up in the comment section.

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