Southwick approved by Judiciary Committee

With the help of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.), appellate court nominee Leslie Southwick won approval Thursday from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

He was passed out of the committee on a 10-9 vote, giving Republicans a victory in what had become an increasingly bitter struggle over the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals seat in Mississippi.

In case you don’t remember Southwick, here’s a part of his judicial past:

The current nominee, Leslie Southwick, in his former capacity as a Court of Appeals Judge, affirmed the judgment of the state employee appeals board to re-instate a white female state employee who called a black female co-worker a “good ole nigger.” The racist rationale is that this behavior is somehow not serious enough to warrant immediate termination.

What good are Democrats when they vote like this?

Another post for reference:

Stop Judge Leslie Southwick

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