Am I the only appalled that President Bush would actually drive past a man protecting his life who had just been involved in a fatal accident? Maybe there is a really good explanation for why the motorcade didn’t stop to recognize a fallen man.

Maybe George Bush just doesn’t care about…people. Not the people right in front of him. Certainly not our men and women in uniform in Iraq.

A Rio Rancho police officer who crashed his motorcycle Monday afternoon while riding in a motorcade for President Bush has died.

Forty-year-old Officer Germaine Casey was rushed after the crash to an Albuquerque hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The motorcycle was near the front of the motorcade, and the president saw the wreck as he drove past on the way to the airport.

Rio Rancho police spokesman John Francis says Bush called to give his condolences to the officer’s family and to the department.

Francis says the president also had planned to call Casey’s wife to give his condolences.

Casey’s motorcycle hit a curb and then a tree, but investigators still are reconstructing the accident to determine exactly what happened.

Planned to call Casey’s wife and just — hadn’t gotten around to it when this story was filed? Man, he is stone cold.

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