I ask this question because, from the outset, African-Americans have been more against this war than any other community. What do you want to see happen?


I want our troops out of there. Not in November 2008. Not in June 2008. I mean NOW. Like yesterday.

The Iraqis been fighting one another for nearly 1,000 years. Only our arrogance made us think that WE could control him.

Iraq=Arab Yugoslavia
Saddam=Arab Tito

What happened to Yugoslavia after Tito?

Yeah, that’s what’s happening now in Iraq.

We need to leave. Not tomorrow. Not 2 months from now.


Yes, there will be an unfettered Civil War.

So be it.

Yes, it will be on our hands.

So be it.

No more American lives for their carnage, and if they bring in the Saudis and the Iranians and Syrians, I could care less. If they’re bogged down in Iraq, then maybe it’ll take their minds off of trying to kill us. At the very least, occupy their time and slow them down a bit.

I’ve never said I was a dove. I’m a practical realist who knows that some very bad folks mean a great deal of harm to us as a country. Did we implement policies that created some of our enemies? Of course we did, but that’s neither here nor there. The facts are, they want to kill us, and it won’t matter to them that I never supported Bush or his friends. When they plot to kill Americans, they never sort us into ‘ good’ vs. ‘bad’ Americans – we’re all marked for death by them.

But, Iraq isn’t smart policy. It’s hideous policy that’s draining our military, our financial resources, the country’s reputation, and creating jihadists by the busload everyday. Anyway you look at it, Iraq was a loser for everyone except for Bush’s War Profiteer Buddies.

Our foreign policy should be focused on PAKISTAN – the most dangerous place on Earth.

While the Taliban is regaining more strength by the hour in Afghanistan – all they have is poppies.

Remember, unlike the lies that Cheney & Company are trying spin to get us into IRAN…

If Musharif falls, we (THE ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD) are in trouble.

If you have a different plan for Iraq, drop a comment below.

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