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I didn’t watch this. Forgot to Tivo it. But a bunch of other people did, including Nekesa Mumbi Moody of the Associated Press who says:

If you truly want to see the definition of a hot ghetto mess, turn on VH1 on any given Sunday and watch one of the endless reruns of “Flavor of Love” or any of its other spinoffs and variations. Chances are, you’ll be thoroughly educated and offended (and, shamefully, entertained).

But if you thought you’d get that kind of knowledge watching Wednesday’s premiere of BET’s revamped “Hot Ghetto Mess” show _ now simply titled, “We Got to Do Better,” hosted by Charlie Murphy _ you were shortchanged. While there were examples of trifling behavior and crazy antics, for the most part, the show seemed like a reject reel from “America’s Funniest Videos.”

What About Our Daughters said:

The irony is that this should have been BET’s shining hour, millions of people who normally don’t watch were watching and when their moment came, they put on a really bad show. Its not original programming if it is made up of YouTube Clips we have already seen.

That’s BET’s M.O. though — scooping up what someone else has already done and delivering low-quality entertainment tailored for the lowest common denominator. Moody makes explicit reference to BET’s sordid history of coon entertainment:

After all, the Black Entertainment Network has provided a seemingly endless platform for hip-hop thuggery, booty-shaking video girls, lowbrow comedy shows, and Toccara.

Perhaps the creators of “We Got to Do Better,” which is based on the Web site, were leery of being another example of offensive BET programming: The show hardly had any examples of the outrageous behavior the Web site deems “ghetto. There were no images of pimp-my-ride coffins, 5-foot-high lacquered hairdos, infants posing with 40-ounce bottles of beer, or pink-spandex outfits on a Mo’Nique-sized frame.

Was there a bit of last minute editing, possibly, to de-ghetto the show formerly known as Hot Ghetto Mess? Here’s a clip that purports to be from the show (only one I could find). If this is an example, doesn’t look like I missed much.

Electronic Village

I watched the pilot show of Hot Ghetto Mess (by any other name) on BET. It was funny to see the new logo and show name. Obviously, it was too late to change the narration from Charlie Murphy as he repeatedly referred to the show as ‘Hot Ghetto Mess’.

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