A story that had me clicking away this weekend, was the revelation that the Mayor of Los Angeles -Antonio Villaraigosa- was involved in an extramarital relationship with a reporter from Telemundo -Mirthala Salinas. Ms. Salinas has since been suspended by Telemundo.

One has to wonder how this will affect the Mayor’s future political ambitions. After all, he was a rising star in Democratic Party circles.

This story has everything: politics, sex, pretty young women, power players.

The links are pretty informative, as were several other articles that I stumbled across:

1. The Los Angeles Times Section Devoted to the Mayor’s Relationship. (I kid you not).

2. The Luke Ford Blog – He gets special notice, because he published about the Mayor’s Marital Collapse in JANUARY – yes, I said January.

Women to watch
What’s New With Antonio

3. New York Daily News about The Other Woman – seems as if The Mayor wasn’t her first politician.

4. A really interesting article called Mexican American Princes. Definitely worth the read. I guess you could say it’s their equivalent of The Talented Tenth. The Article is also accompanied by a Who’s Who of Mexican American Princes – keep your eyes out in the papers for these men.

From one woman to another, I hope his wife takes full advantage of California’s Community Property Laws.

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