Take a look at the videos that people did and the comments of viewers that center on whether or not we should consider boycotting BET. The mess around “Hot Ghetto Mess” seems to have struck a raw nerve among African-Americans not dissimilar to the Don Imus controversy. Here’s one of the videos:

The conversation quickly gets into the portrayal of African-Americans in the media and African-American individual responsibility to respond actively to ameliorate negative images. Although the video above was first placed May 10, 2007, comments are still coming in. Here are a few, some from just hours ago:

B.E.T doesnt have to be replaced, it just has to be improved so that black men aren;t seen as pimps and black women aren’t seen as prostitutes, taht’s all.


I see where you are coming from…as a black woman im not happy withthe protrayal of black women in media..theres the stereotypical baby mama whose always trying to get more money..the domineering very opinionated black woman..the chicken head..hoe all that..its like we do need to do better…im glad our community has decided to address some of these issues


BET is a disgrace! The only outlet Black people have for cultural shows, and all it plays is stereotypical bullshit! Why not show old black movies. Every time you turn it on, it’s movies with brothers in prison or selling drugs. What a waste! Damn sell outs!

Y’all know how I feel
about the coon shows Flavor of Love and New York, which may all by themselves set the entire race back by 10 or 20 years. The pressure on BET seems to have paid off in sponsors withdrawing. Here’s Electronic Village again:

It also seems obvious that BET struggled to sell advertising time on the show. 80% of the commercial time was filled with promos of other BET shows.
It is time for us to turn our consumer buying potential into action. I urge you to pick up your cell phone and make three phone calls right now … before you do anything else … let these fools know that we simply won’t accept this nonsense any longer. State Farm and Home Depot did the right thing.

EV suggests that folks should contact the sponsors of the show formerly known as Hot Ghetto Mess and let them what we think. I plan to and hope you’ll join me…

* Promos for Film “Who’s Your Caddy“. (why Lord, why? — jill)
phone (310.288-4600), email (info@ascendantpictures.com), fax (310.288-4601) or mail (9350 Civic Center Drive, Suite 110; Beverly Hills, CA 90210)
* Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau
Angela Gillis at (313) 202-1973 or you can email her at agillis@visitdetroit.com
* The Original Mattress Factory located at 4930 State Road; Cleveland OH 44134
President: Ron Trzcinski. email, phone (216.661-8388) or send him a fax (216.661-2337).

P.S. Crackin’ me up is the comment on IMDB’s “Who’s Your Caddy?” website. Go ‘head. y’all. I might have to consider a Fist in the Air Award for this. It’s amazing that even before this no doubt buffoonish “entertainment” is released to the public, people like you and me can weigh in on it. I love the internets:

10 out of 11 people found the following comment useful:-
I hope it gets buried in the middle of nowhere, 23 July 2007

This is Norbit, Soul Plane, and The Cookout in a bucket, thrown up on. There is no reason to make such a movie. It will win no awards and it’s only purpose is to fill the 7 dollar DVD bin at Wal-Mart. Why not do something productive, like making good movies? I wonder when it will stop. I hope someday that the culture it represents will die out. Bring a bunch of black actors together with some musicians, embarrass them with demeaning dialog, and throw in some white actors to look awkward and poke fun at. It’s a routine that needs to go away as soon as possible. There’s no creativity, and some people will actually bother to complain that racism is the reason that it isn’t award winning. OH NOES, GUESS IT WAS RACISM!

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