I really appreciated Jerome Armstrong’s recent post over at MyDD that put the fundraising coverage in perspective with Howard Dean’s presidential campaign.

Over at TechPresident.com, you can take a look at what’s happening online, how people are voting with their time and attention and stack that up against the fundraising numbers. When you look at blog post mentions by name, Hillary Clinton is discussed significantly and consistently more often than Barack Obama. Also interesting, the only truly anti-Iraq war Republican candidate Ron Paul also dominates blog mentions among Republicans.

Obama crushes Clinton though when it comes to YouTube views and Facebook/MySpace friends. Ron Paul interestingly enough is also on a steady upswing and leading the GOP pack strongly on YouTube.

The takeaway for me is that combined with John “More Troops” McCain’s cratering campaign, it’s clear that Americans are clearly stating with both their eyeballs, their mouses and their wallets that they want to fall behind candidates who stand clearly, firmly and morally against the war. So troubled is the nation that candidates that might not have had a chance ordinarily are very much in the game.

The takeaway for the campaigns and Congress should be — get strong and clear on the war. People want this over. Yesterday. And they will vote for the person who persuades them that s/he will take strong, values-based action if elected.

Clinton still hasn’t refined this message and Edwards, I think, has folks convinced on Katrina and poverty but not yet on Iraq…

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