I heard about this story in passing on the radio and decided that I wanted to know more about it, so I Googled it. Lo and behold, I got not one, but TWO stories of this vein.

Candidate One for Mother of the Year 2007:

May I introduce to you Michelle Wright.

Ms. Wright, age 37, has just been charged with firearms charges after she allegedly DROVE HER SON’S FRIENDS TO A RIVAL GANG MEMBER’S HOUSE FOR A SHOOTING.

Your eyes did NOT deceive you…she drove her son TO A SHOOTING.

Luckily for her and her thug son and his associates, NOBODY was killed in the process.

While there are plenty of interesting things in the story, here’s the money quote for me:

Several hours after the shooting, detectives acting on a tip went to an abandoned house where they arrested her son and the gunman, Gillis said. Authorities also recovered a shotgun they suspect was used in the shooting, he said.

During the arrest, Wright showed up and accused the officers of harassing her children, officials said.

Yes, the PO-Lice were ‘ picking on’ her son and his friends.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m way too naive, but the idea of someone, around my age, actually driving their child TO A SHOOTING is just absolutely horrific to me. But, maybe I’m ‘ out of the mainstream’ of thinking, and someone can explain to me why I shouldn’t be horrified.

Now rikyrah, you said that you had TWO candidates for mother of the year…you mean that there’s someone worse than Ms. Wright?

Damn skippy. THIS is the person that I was looking for when I originally did the Google search.

Candidate Number 2 for Mother of the Year 2007:

May I introduce to you Eva Daley.

It is alleged that Ms. Daley, 30, drove her 14-year-old son and six other members of the Latin Marijuana Smokers gang TO A SKATE PARK TO KILL A 13-YEAR-OLD BOY THEY HAD A GRUDGE AGAINST,police say. The boy, Jose “Bobby” Cano, WAS STABBED TO DEATH.

Just exactly how does this conversation go?

You’re sitting in your living room watching tv when your FOURTEEN YEAR OLD SON comes in, and says,

‘ Mama, I gotta go kill someone, but me and my boys need a ride. Will you give us one?’

‘ Sure, Baby, just give me a minute to get my shoes on and face fixed.’

There just are no words that can describe my sense of confusion, disgust and horror at reading these stories. How does one even begin to explain this?

Just as there are men that are nothing but Sperm Donors, these women are what I call Egg Donors. Nothing more.

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