dnA wrote a great post pointing out that Scooter Libby Is Lucky He Ain’t Black. Read it.

Here’s my take though,if you are interested: Everyone seems all outraged, upset and whatnot over Dubya springing Scooter Libby. Y’all act like y’all surprised or something — Dag! Like the Bush II you know was NOT going to hook up his boy. Take care of his own. It’s an honor among thieves thing, obviously.

It shows Bush’s weakness and desperation that he didn’t completely clear Libby’s lengthy rap sheet altogether. That’s the cocky attitude-slinging first-term still popular Bush, I suppose, who would proudly and arrogantly announce the travesty of justice and complete innocence of Libby with a big ol “f-you” smirk on his face. Can’t you just see it?

No, it’s a humbled Dubya who did the minimum for “Scooter” Bush thought he might get away with. The public has wearied of the ridiculous thuglife/gangsta “What Constitution?” persona the Bush administration has been frontin’ these past few years. They’ve stopped buying his albums and bouncin’ their heads to his false rap.

Bush and his cronies are not competent as national stewards and they aren’t even good at playing lawless rogues. Tupac laid down the rules of Thuglife long ago and number 16 is:

16. Attacking someone’s home where their family is known to reside, must be altered or checked.

Attacking Joe Wilson to silence critics of the case for the Iraq War through outing his wife endangered not only their family but the families of other CIA staffers connected to Valerie Plame. It was a direct attack on their family security. By any standard, even criminals would say Bush, Scooter and Cheney — man, they just can’t seem to play by the rules but have tried to become a law unto their own. We just can’t let them.

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