I saw in the comments from my last post on this that a lot of people are getting a little fatigued on this subject. I feel ya. It’s frustrating. But if we can’t hold the CBC accountable and secure our win on something this obvious, how will we fare in beginning to tackle the big issues like healthcare, Iraq, education and the environment.

The CBC Fox debate is a way of highlighting the corruption of those elected to serve the people. I know — it’s tired. And the CBC is so very tired and sad on this issue. But we gots to keep their feet to the fire. They know now, in part because of this issue, that they are being watched. By you. And by me. And a new generation that demands more of its black leaders than the fact they are black.

So I appreciate your support. I think we’re close to the finish line, so hang tight and bear with me a little while longer.

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