Christy Hardin Smith at FireDogLake wrote the post (Bass Ackwards)I was planning to write after seeing the coverage yesterday of the Golden Mosque’s second bombing.

The first time the Shi’ite Golden Dome was blown up, it led to a massive new escalation in sectarian violence. That along with the systematic bridge destruction in Iraq recently points to a deterioration on the ground there. Things are not at all likely to get better over there — not for Iraqis and definitely not for our troops — until the U.S. gets out of the way and lets the Iraqis’ determine their own political future.

How long will Democrats sit by and allow this cruel desperate farce to continue?

How long will Americans let them?

Here’s an idea for an ad for those opposing the surge in Iraq and the calls from folks like Lieberman to force a conflict with Iran. How about having ordinary black person and/or family after another talk about the impact on their lives that the Iraq war has wrought? It’s that simple. Won’t be hard to find us. We work in your office or down at the corner store. We live next to you. We went to high school or college with you.

African-Americans remain the moral conscience of the nation. Too long have our voices and our experience around Iraq been ignored. There is no more passionate, sincere and directly impacted anti-war contingent out there just waiting to tell you what we think should happen next. There is no way, particularly post-Katrina, that this type of messaging will not destroy any Republican moral sway over the issue of Iraq. Just a suggestion.

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