hat tip: MyDD for this update this morning: Obama Proposes Sweeping Ethics Reforms

Barack Obama is unveiling sweeping ethics reforms in a speech in New Hampshire today.

Following closely on the heels of yesterday’s disclosure of his earmark requests — and his earlier disclosures of his full tax records and his campaign bundlers, among other efforts — Obama’s pledge to enact bold ethics reforms on his first day as President solidifies his standing as the candidate most committed to bringing increased transparency to the business of government.

And his comprehensive recommendations are a strong rebuke to the abuses of the Bush administration, as well.

According to the press release, Obama’s speech will:

1. Close the Revolving Door between Government and the private sector
2. End Abuse of No-Bid Contracts
3. Restore Objectivity to the Executive Branch
4. Increase Public Access to Information

This is unequivocally hot. I’m always excited by people who change the game. Obama here is attacking some of the underlying threats on our system of democracy. He’s vowing to change those practices which corrupt our political system. I haven’t followed campaigns closely my entire life, but this feels different if he can actually follow through after being elected… if we pressure him to.
UPDATE June 22 @ 4:38pm

Should have posted this excerpt from his ethics plan as well


(1) SUNLIGHT BEFORE SIGNING: As president, Obama will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days. And Obama will sign legislation in the light of day without attaching signing statements that undermine the legislative intent.
(2) 21ST CENTURY FIRESIDE CHATS: Obama will bring democracy and policy directly to the people by requiring his Cabinet officials to have periodic national broadband town hall meetings to discuss issues before their agencies.

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