A lot of people have been asking what is up with the cheezy, sex-infused, supposedly amateur I’ve Got A Crush on Obama video. While it’s caused a sensation on the YouTubes and in the MSM, African-American Political Pundit has dug a bit deeper and written a great piece on this. After all, the fact that the audio/video was played on Racist Rush Limbaugh’s show should be cause for pause.

Seems all is not what it appears to be. Is this an attempt to prey on some whites’ discomfort with a black man’s appeal to white women? We’ve seen that lever pulled before with the RNC-calculated “Harold, Call Me” commercial in which a blond bombshell talks about meeting TN Senate candidate Harold Ford at a Playboy party.


AAPP links to this Newsbusters article that dishes the dirt on the originator of this garbage: a new site called BarelyPolitical.com. Certainly, it’s living up to its name. A commenter on Young Black Professional Guide wonders correctly IMHO: is this a trojan horse?

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