According to Michael A. Fletcher of the WaPo, the Democrats may not oppose the confirmation of career vote minority vote suppression goon Hans von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission because it would allow Bush to further stack the deck with more recess appointments.

Senate Democrats would be happy to confirm Lenhard and Walther, but not von Spakovsky. But Senate Republicans oppose such cherry-picking and want the votes taken — as they traditionally have been — as a package, one for one: your crony, my crony.

Otherwise, GOPers grumble, they may block all nominations and leave the commission, once the three current recess nominees’ appointments expire at the end of this year, without a quorum or let Bush, if he wants, make three or four new recess appointments to the commission.

Those new recess appointments would be good until the end of next year — that is, until after the elections. Not a particularly appealing prospect for the Democrats.

Silly me, I was under the impression that majorities in the House and Senate meant that the Democrats controlled Congress. Given their inability to provide oversight on the war in Iraq, and their unwillingness to prevent the confirmation of a man who has spent his career trying to keep minorities from voting to the Federal Election Commission, voters should be asking themselves who they voted for in November anyway.

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