Today’s Washington Post discusses –Political Hiring in Justice Division Probed. This article probes some of the findings of the hirings and firings in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, and how it seems that there was a PURGE of all minority women from this Division, and how, at the center of this PURGE is a man named Bradley Schlozman.

I know that all these hearings might sound tedious to some, and worthless to others, but don’t let anyone talk you into believing that. These hearings are worth having because they are about trying to get at THE TRUTH. The truth that was hidden since Dubya got into office.

It’s about the systematic dismantling of the PROFESSIONAL class of the Justice Department. The PROFESSIONAL class of lawyers that stays, no matter who is President, and does a lot of the grunt work. It is this PROFESSIONAL class that was supposed to have a ‘ hands off’ by the political appointments. Yes, they might not like the policies of the President, but they were PROFESSIONALS and did their jobs.

It is the POLITICIZATION of these employees in the Justice Department and elsewhere that should be of concern to us. And, we especially should find out the truth about how bad it has gotten under Ashcroft, then Gonzales, because we have a right to know. And, it is THIS right that the GOP has been wanting to deny the American people since 2000.

So, I welcome the hearings. I welcome the probes. I welcome anything that gets their LIES out into the open.

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