From the Iowa Independent (emphasis mine):

Speaking in Carroll, Edwards made the observation after saying there are “three of us who are most likely to be the Democratic nominee.”

“It’s not just a question of who you like,” Edwards said. “It’s not just a question of whose vision you are impressed with. It’s also a question of who is most likely to win the general election. It’s a pretty simple thing. Who will be a stronger candidate in the general election here in the State of Iowa? Who can go to other parts of the country when we have swing candidates running for the Congress and the Senate? Is the candidate going to have to say, ‘Don’t come here. Don’t come here and campaign with me. I can’t win if you campaign with me.'”

He added later, “I think it’s just a reality that I can campaign anyplace in America.”

In an interview with Iowa Independent and The Carroll Daily Times Herald, Edwards strongly rejected the suggestion that his comments about being the most electable candidate in the Democratic field were a way of saying America won’t vote for a black man (Obama) or woman (Clinton) without actually saying it – to a largely white, elderly rural audience in Carroll with no national media present.

“No, I think there are differences,” Edwards said. “First of all, if you look at who led on the big issues that America will be faced with I came out with a universal health-care plan first. I am so far the only candidate with a truly universal health-care plan. I came out with an aggressive energy plan to deal with global warming, to transform the way we do energy.”

I think Carroll is somewhere in Iowa? Anyway, this sounds like some kind of bullsh*t code-talkin’ to me. He might as well have come out and said — “I’m a safe white guy who actually has a chance at winning against the other white guy the Republicans pick as their nominee.” Edwards’ non sequitor non-explanatory statement notwithstanding, Hillary Clinton to date out of the top three Dems not to make a significant racial gaffe. That “Hillary Clinton (D-Punjab)” press release is something Brother Barack is likely to pay for. Has no one at his campaign learned anything from the Macaca experience?

Obama has finally apologized
but only after hearing from offended Asian Americans:

I wanted to respond personally to the concerns you expressed regarding the recent research memo that our campaign put into circulation.

I believe that your concerns with the memo are justified. To begin with, the memo did not reflect my own views on the importance of America’s relationship with India. I have long believed that the best way to promote U.S. economic growth and opportunity for American workers is to continually improve the skills of our own workforce and invest in our own scientific research, technological capacity and infrastructure, rather than to try to insulate ourselves from the global economy.

More importantly, the memo’s caustic tone, and its focus on contributions by Indian-Americans to the Clinton campaign, was potentially hurtful, and as such, unacceptable. The memo also ignored my own long-standing relationship to – and support from – the Indian-American community.

In sum, our campaign made a mistake. Although I was not aware of the contents of the memo prior to its distribution, I consider the entire campaign – and in particular myself – responsible for the mistake. We have taken appropriate action to prevent errors like this from happening in the future.

He should have responded immediately. For something this serious, a video and not a written response would have been more persuasive. Obama feels a day late and a dollar short on this situation. Frankly he’s probably lost a little cred from the delay. I’d love to hear more about what “appropriate action” was actually taken. Did anyone lose their job over this? They should have.

I like both Edwards and Obama so these mistakes are gut-wrenching and alienating. Kudos to Clinton’s team so far though for keeping it squeaky clean.

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