The disastrous Immigration Bill met its demise, for now, when the Senate was unable to get the votes it needed for cloture.

This bill, which would have granted amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens, all the while NOT securing America’s borders or ports. It had allowances in it that would have hurt the American worker, both blue and white collar.

I’m not sorry to see it go down, though its supporters vow to fight on.

We do have an illegal immigration crisis.

But, this bill wasn’t the solution, because I didn’t believe the premises upon which the bill was shilled.

When the Congress decides that it’s serious about this, and is willing to have open hearings on immigration, coupled with informing the public about the true COSTS of immigration, and decide to seriously PROTECT America’s borders and ports..

MAYBE, the American people will be willing to listen and support ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’. But, this bill wasn’t it.

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