The ‘Comprehensive’ Immigration Bill that would have granted amnesty to 12-20 million illegal immigrants, has gone down to defeat.


WASHINGTON (CNN) — Opponents effectively killed President Bush’s long-fought and emotion-laden Senate immigration bill Thursday when members voted against advancing the controversial legislation.

The tally was 46 to 53, 14 votes shy of the 60 needed to end debate.

My answer: GOOD.

This legislation was a nightmare all the way around.
1. It didn’t have anything close to what could be called Border Security.
2. Nothing about securing our Ports.
3. It would have hurt workers on the low end of the socio-economic spectrum.
4. And, it would have hurt workers, due to the High End Visa SCAM, on the higher end of the socio-economic spectrum.

The only ones this would help were the illegals and Corporations who wanted endless supply of cheap labor, all the way around.

Despite being called bigots, and other names (yeah, I’ve gotten the names thrown at me), we either are a nation of laws, or we are not. And since laws seem to always find their way when it comes to Black folk, I’ll be frank – others should have to follow them too.

You want ‘immigration reform’?

How about take away a HUGE lobbying point of the opposition:
1. Secure the Border
2. Fully fund the Border Patrol while you expand it.
3. Secure the Ports
4. Take care of the backlog of applicants already in the system. Do you know how ludicrous it was to watch folks talk about granting amnesty to 12 million folks in one hand, and in the next news report, having anchors tell us that the Government has suspended the passport requirements for Canada and Mexico, BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY COULDN’T FILL THE PASSPORT APPLICATIONS IN TIME? They can’t fill PASSPORT APPLICATIONS in a timely fashion, and have a backlog of over 600,000 LEGAL immigrant applications that have been on hold –SOME FOR YEARS – but we’re supposed to believe that this agency is ready for 12 million new applicants for citizenship? Come on!!

IF these 4 things are done, then guess what, you take away a huge platform of the opposition.

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