I really have to give maximum props to Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo for calling this out. It’s clearly not a mistake but an underhanded mind game. You see a clear picture of Bill Jefferson. Then as Marshall explains, footage of a black Member of Congress and a hot pink sign that says “Resign” as he walks by. Trouble is, this footage is from the recent Alberto Gonzales hearings where John Conyers ripped lying Mr. “I Don’t Recall” a new one. The “Resign” message was for Gonzales not Conyers! Josh — I am inventing a Fist In The Air Award today just for you.

If this isn’t enough evidence that Fox is Attacking Black America and why it is imperative that the CBC push back against Fox’s consistent campaign of malicious mis-information — child, I don’t know what more can persuade the CBC to back away slowly. This is racism of the highest order — sophisticated, subtle and insidious. Let’s roll tape once again, shall we?

Shout Out to Oliver Willis, Pam Spaulding and Prometheus 6 who are also covering this story.

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