You’d think after the whole John Conyers/Dollar Bill Jefferson screwup that Fox would be laying low and pulling its punches on Congressional Black Caucus members. But that would suppose they actually even cared about what they consider their pawns and patsies feel about being smeared as terrorists and criminals.

From ThinkProgress:

This past weekend, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) delivered a speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of his Protestant denomination, the United Church of Christ. In the speech, Obama argued that faith in the United States has been “hijacked” by “the so-called leaders of the Christian Right, all too eager to exploit what divides us.”

Last night on Fox’s Hannity and Colmes, right-wing pundit Ann Coulter responded to Obama’s comments by implicating him as a terrorist. Coulter remarked, “Anyone named B. Hussein Obama should not use the words ‘hijack’ and ‘religion’ in the same sentence.” Host Sean Hannity added that Obama’s remarks were part of a “black separatist agenda.”

Watch it:

Fox News is still planning to hold a Democratic presidential debate cosponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus in September. Yet this sort of racist and religious bigotry aired by Fox is nothing new. Earlier this year, the network basely suggested that Obama attended a radical anti-American madrassa “financed by Saudis” as a 6-year-old old in Indonesia.

Get a full breakdown here at NewsHounds. Can someone tell me again why the CBC would consider cooperating with Fox for a minute until they change their ways? Only strong action will convince Fox to stop their attacks on Black America.

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