I saw this story a week ago over at dKos, but was too jammed up to get it out. Va. State Senator Benjamin Lambert — the would-be brother man that endorsed would-be US Senator George Macaca Allen — just got his comeuppance. This 30-year veteran of the legislature lost the June 12th Democratic Primary (9th House district) to trial lawyer A. Donald McEachin. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Lambert, despite his long-term incumbency, never could overcome the albatross of his support last fall for then-U.S. Sen. George Allen, a Republican. Allen is very unpopular in the majority black 9th District.

At the time, Lambert claimed his support of Allen was in return for Allen’s support of HBCUs, but Skeptical Brotha got it right back in November 2006. In his mock “open letter to Michael Richards” Skeptical Brotha wrote to Richards in the voice of George Allen:

You’re doing well so far, even though you’ve apologized, an act that I personally would have advised against, if you’d asked me. Apologizing, in my experience, only seems to underscore what a desperate, disingenuous bastard you really are. What you need, and what’s worked for me, is to enlist the help of prominent, colored apologists, of the right-wing variety. Yes, yes I do have names as a matter of fact. Virginia State Senator Bennie Lambert was a lifesaver as video evidence of my unapologetic racism came to the surface. He endorsed me right after and brazenly sold out the black community for a worthless promise of more money for Black Colleges. It was like me getting the Louisiana purchase in exchange for some blankets deliberately infected with smallpox, how could I refuse? If he believed my obvious lies, then he’ll have no problem defending your sorry behind.

Allen didn’t just slip with the Macaca thing. The man kept a noose in his office! What in the world for was never explained. I supposed suppose it kept black staffers in line. The best part of Lambert’s loss? This quote from him, explaining his defeat:

“I thought the Allen folks would have helped me more, but it didn’t work out that way.”

For a man who held office for 30 years, this has got to be the most pathetic, ignorant political statement ever. You stab your people and your party in the back by endorsing, endorsing a racist Republican, and when the going gets tough, you expect some help?!?! Negro, please!! What an embarrassment you are to slick politicians everywhere. How did you even last 30 years?

Accountability is a biatch, ain’t it, brother?

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