Here’s Matt Stoller of MyDD raising money for Donna Edwards who is running once again against corporate whore Al Wynn.

Getting people like Wynn to support corporate-friendly policies has been a lynchpin of right-wing power, which means that Donna Edwards’s challenge to Wynn is both critical and systemic. This is not a normal primary challenge, this is a clash of two systems of power, of influence, and of ideas. It’s not a surprise that the Chamber is already weighing in on this race, for Wynn. This primary was critical in 2006, when her underfunded campaign, which was dismissed in DC because she did no polling, no TV, and only a bit of direct mail, nearly toppled Wynn, who was seen as invincible. It’s even more critical now. Donna is a real, legitimate candidate. She is going to raise a lot of money, and she’s going to fight for values and ideas that actually are progressive. We lost in 2006, and we see what that got us – a Democratic Party that is only responsive when it’s convenient for them. We can’t afford this kind of Democratic party, and we must support people like Donna in our movement to change it.

Why should you care? I mean, do you even live in Maryland?

Maybe not: but here’s why. The CBC has a tension among sell-outs like Al Wynn who are the reason why we have to argue about the lunacy of doing a Democratic debate with Fox News. They are the reason we must endure the humiliation of Members of Congress supporting the re-election campaign of a man who had $90,000 in his freezer. They are the reason that our relatives and frat brothers and neighbors are still in Iraq. They are the reason all children still don’t have access to healthcare in America. I could go on.

A new leadership is needed that will actually serve its constituents occasionally. It’s like the fight between Dollar Bill Jefferson and Karen Carter. We need more Karen Carters and Donna Edwards. Black blogs — let’s start talking about how we help our brothers and sisters who need us into office — including fundraising on places like ActBlue.

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