I read Rep. John Conyers’ DailyKos diary yesterday entitled simply: White House Subpoenas. Here’s an example for other CBC members to follow. Do something helpful/progressive and then tell the netroots about it. Not that hard. Conyers says:

I consider these subpoenas to be essential because the evidence our investigation has uncovered points to the pivotal role the White House played in the U.S. Attorney firings. We have only sought to compel cooperation through subpoenas after more than three months of stonewalling by the White House.

I had hoped that the White House would be more forthcoming in assisting our investigation. Unfortunately, this subpoena provided the only legal means for the American people, through their elected representatives, to find out how their government functions.

This subpoena represents a very serious step by Congress not to be taken lightly. Defiance or failure to comply would run counter to the checks and balances that are the foundation of our constitution and democratic government.

I applaud this action. John Conyers is living up to his legend as a ferocious civil rights hero. His post made me proud he is a courageous leader doing the right thing who happens to be African-American.

I only wish it had come a couple of months earlier when Americans still cared about this issue. There was a time when Gonzales was really on the ropes. His strategy of clinging by his fingernails to the rocky ledge of legitimacy seems to be working — no longer does this issue dominate the morning news. No longer do we hear calls from Republicans for his resignation.

It’s summer now. People are thinking about barbeques, vacations, hot weather and high gas prices. It’s hard to hold on to indignation when it’s so dang sunny out.

Don’t get me wrong — I am still angry. I still want justice returned to the Justice Department. I only wish the Democrats would quit scattering their momentum on Iraq and Gonzales and go for the jugular of this corrupt, inept Administration at crunch time. Not when everyone’s yawning and the curtain is halfway down.

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