Often, I hear other bloggers saying things like — I would love to hear more from African-American bloggers and seem surprised, even dubious that there has been a rapid growth in what others have called the “blackosphere.”

I’ve already linked to RSSPECT. Well, let me recommend to you also the even larger Afrospear news and political portals.

There’s the general online newspaper, a Politics and Opinion section (where Jack and Jill Politics is featured — thanks!), entertainment, fashion and beauty (as a for-real black woman, I LOVE this page), tech and internet(not many actual black blogs here as far as I can see, but still a great summary) and more. I would love to see a music-only page since you know how we feel about our music. So far only one major music blog is linked (AllHipHop.com) And a movies/tv-only page would be nice if only so other black bloggers can highlight what’s positive and pillory what ain’t.

Who needs Newsgator or Bloglines when you have the Afrospear? Kudos to BronzeTrinity for her work. Girlfriend, you got it going ON!

Looking for the explosion of black bloggers online? Look no further.

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