Well, well, well.

Politics gets more interesting by the day.

First, there was the new Rasmussen Poll that has Fred Thompson, who’s not even an announced candidate, leading Rudy Guiliani.

Then late today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, announced that he has changed his party affiliation from Republican to Independent. This news furthers speculation that Bloomberg intends to run for President.

As a political junkie, this is absolutely fascinating stuff. Bloomberg, as Chris Matthews describes – a sane Ross Perot, is a billionaire politician who has run the City of New York well, from most accounts. The questions are now, will he run? Who would be his running mate? Which party would he take most of the votes from? I don’t know if he will run, but he’s adding more spice into an already interesting Presidential race.

Open question: IF he runs, do you think that the SINGLE Bloomberg will be subjected to a ‘ Call Me’ Ad?


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