Dollar Bill’s brother, Mose Jefferson, is suspected in a bribery scandal involving the Orleans Parish School Board. According to the article, the former president of the school board is accused of taking bribes, among them, some $140,000 from Mose Jefferson.

My first comment is:

What a family…LOL

The fruit doesn’t hang far on this tree.

My next comment is:

140k for a school board president?

What was the bribe for?

According to the paper:

a bribe to ensure an educational software company received a lucrative contract from the Orleans Parish School Board.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, and on one level, I’m not. But, it’s just a part of the discouraging corrupt ‘ system’. I’m not going to make it only about New Orleans, but for now, let’s just go a collective ‘ Damn! – Is EVERYTHING corrupt in New Orleans?’ I mean, I had heard how corruption is as natural as gumbo down there, but still. And then, I also think about the students there. How, this is but one contract. What about all the other contracts that are given out- how valid are those contracts, and what kinds of materials are they getting for the students? But, I digress.

Bottom line is that Dollar Bill doesn’t seem to be the only one in need of a Defense Fund.

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