Media Matters has the story:

On the May 7 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh defended his “Barack, The Magic Negro” song — a parody mocking 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful and Sen. Barack Obama (IL) — and said, in response to reports about the controversy this parody has generated: “If I were to think about Barack Obama being in any trouble — needing Secret Service — I would look to Clinton Inc. before I looked at me. Try that, drive-by media. Get that out there.”


Additionally, in response to a report by CBS Sacramento-affiliate KVOR, during which anchor Chris Burrours stated, “There are groups this morning saying that not only is the song racist, but it’s putting Barack Obama at increased danger,” Limbaugh asked: “[C]ould it be that these sponges who do not listen to the program — obviously found out about this from the Chicago Tribune story yesterday that — where did they hear about it? Did they hear about it from Media Matters for America?”

Racist Rush adds to his rap sheet by claiming his audience thought the Barack the Magic Negro parody “was one of the most creative and funniest they’d ever heard.”

Please let Rush Limbaugh and better yet, his bosses at Premiere Radio Networks, know how creative and funny you think “Obama the Magic Negro” sung to the tune of “Puff the Magic Dragon” really is.
I am sending an email to both as soon as I finish this post. Thanks.

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