The Chicago Tribune did a story on Rush Limbaugh’s airing of a racist parody of “Obama the Magic Negro“. So has the Seattle Times. I think Digby did a good job de-constructing this, if you’d like more background. I’ve also posted on this earlier.

Someone actually posted some of the clips from Racist Rush’s explanation of why he ran the song. Ugh. Check it out.

According to Rush, all the white people who support Barack Obama are actually racist, because he’s not “real”, like Snoop Dog or Al Sharpton.

They are just “assuaging their white guilt” and bestowing “white benevolence”. But guys like Rush are really looking out for black people. He’s on our side. Yeah. Right.

Barack Obama’s campaign apparently isn’t taking Racist Rush too seriously:

Obama’s campaign called the song “dumb,” although a spokesman said they don’t think anyone is taking the song seriously. — The Swamp

However, Media Matters has the goods on Rush and according to Crooks and Liars, not everyone at Racist Rush’s job is happy about his racist commentary.

According to Media Matters, Rush Limbaugh has a lengthy rap sheet of racism. For example, a small sampling of their record:

“Could we not say that if Obama wins … he will own Al Sharpton?”
“The government’s been taking care of [young blacks] their whole lives”
“Obama Osama”
“[t]here can only be one reason” Survivor scrapped “segregated” competition after two episodes — “the white tribe had to be winning”

Like with Don Imus, when is enough enough?

I say we give Racist Rush the bum rush he deserves! But what do you think? For example, Rush airs in some cities where there are plenty of African-Americans…

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