I wrote about leading Hispanic groups’ curious silence on Alberto Gonzales a couple of months ago now. A Washington Post article today paints them as always having been supportive of Gonzales which isn’t entirely factual. Yet, after he was confirmed as Attorney General, there did seem to be an effort to pull punches, even as he pursued an agenda hostile to these groups’ membership base. From the article:

Wilkes and Murguia said their disappointment with the attorney general started long before Democrats and Republicans in the Senate began calling for his ouster over the firing of U.S. attorneys.

“The reason these attorneys were fired is that they weren’t investigating allegations of voter fraud,” Wilkes said. “Republicans use voter fraud allegations to create more registration burdens for our members without any evidence. I think Gonzales himself was pushing some of these voter-restriction techniques. He ought to know better.”

Better late than never, though this might have been more helpful at the height of the calls for his resignation a few weeks ago.

Now — where is the dysfunctional Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Gonzales? Or have they stayed too busy fighting with each other to fight for civil rights?

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