I don’t think so. For reasons that seem unclear to me, Dennis Kucinich has gone loco and decided that he wholeheartedly embraces the Fox/CBCI debates. Looking at his blog, he is also so proud that Black Agenda Report recently described him as the Black Candidate. Hmph. Sounds like we might need to revoke that Honorary Negro Card.

From Kucinich’s press release:

“Lets face it, the race for the presidency is the World Series of politics, and here you have three candidates for President who are admitting that not only can they not hit right-handed pitching, they’re even afraid to step up to the plate and take a swing. Well, I’m one candidate for President who can hit any pitch anyone throws at me. And I’ll be taking the field in Detroit this September with the Congressional Black Caucus.”

“When the Cleveland Indians get into the World Series, and Fox broadcasts the games, I assure you I’ll be there,” Kucinich said, “and when Fox broadcasts a debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, I’ll be there, too.”

Right. So anyone like me wondering how big a News Corp/Faux News campaign donation was made to elicit this hearty, glowing endorsement? I sure hope it was more than the measly $1000 many CBC members got for their campaigns! The SuperSpade joins myself, rikyrah and a number of leading black progressive bloggers in signing a letter asking the Democratic frontrunners to stay firm. You can check out the letter there. Thanks to ColorofChange for their great work on this.

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