Maybe you caught this NY Times article Sat on the CBC Institute’s continuing plans for a Democratic presidential debate co-sponsored with Fox News. Or maybe you were like me and enjoying the long weekend.

So here it is. Like I said from the beginning, none of this makes sense. Unless somebody is gettin’ paid. From the article (emphasis mine):

The caucus is bent on salvaging what remains of the debate, and of a relationship that has produced other benefits. Not only has Fox given over precious air time for the debate, but an examination shows that its parent company, News Corporation, has also taken other steps to reach out to the group’s constituency, including making campaign donations to the caucus and its members and creating internship programs at predominantly black colleges.

Fox News’ agenda and messaging is consistently hostile to African-Americans. The network has specialized in race-baiting. But as long as certain CBC members continue to get campaign contributions, it’s all good, right? $1000 here, an internship perhaps for a loyal supporter’s or sorority sister’s son or daughter…it all finally adds up to the personal gain CBC members achieve through this relationship with Fox and nothing whatsoever to do with what’s fair and balanced for the image of African-Americans in the news media.

Despite a fierce debate within the 43-member caucus over whether to sever ties with Fox News, those representing the caucus in its dealings with Fox have thus far held firm. The network itself has apparently urged the caucus to do just that. There was, for example, a meeting for caucus press secretaries attended by representatives of News Corporation and Fox News, where talk turned to how to publicly present the merits of the debate. (Also working in Fox’s favor is that the debate is to be held in Detroit, the home city of Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kirkpatrick, the caucus chairwoman.)

Ugh. CBC — stop selling out and cowering to corporate might. Since when did you do their PR for them? Fox is finally being held accountable for their actions. Bottom line: They will make a better corporate partner to the CBC in the long run, if they clean up their programming. Best to distance yourselves as gracefully as possible so that process can take place sooner. Best to stop giving them P.C. cover to remain politically incorrect.

At least one proud progressive member has been able to resist the dollar siren’s call:

While 26 members of the caucus signed the letter, it is also notable who did not, including Representative Maxine Waters of California, a prominent and powerful member of the group.

Asked about the debate in a brief telephone interview, Ms. Waters said only, “I’m opposed to it.”

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