I’ve been tracking the conversation online about black women marrying white men for example here and here and here (and black men marrying white women secondarily). The truth is that most black people have non-black members of their family tree (usually either white or Indian). It’s the height of hypocrisy and self-hatred to insist on some kind of racial purity now. How does it sound to you to hear a white person say that white women should only marry white men?

Sounds racist to me.

People should be able to love and marry whomever they wish without fear of violence, stigma or recrimination. Period. It’s Martin who longed for the day when we would be seen not for the color of our skin but for the content of our characters. If we demand that for ourselves, we must be open to assess all other Americans no matter their ethnicity by the same standard. That’s not dis-respecting black men. That’s loving all mankind. I recommend checking out the LovingDay.org website when you have a chance.

One Love. Jill

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