At first, I thought a brother was doing a little soft-shoe with the whole I gotta get my numbers together bit. A creative and evasive little dance because they didn’t have the big numbers.

$25 mil to Hillary Clinton’s $26 mil from twice as many donors (Hillary = 50K, Barack = 100K donors)? That’s big news. Obama’s got game.

Barack is viral. Here’s the stats:

– More than 50,000 donors gave $6.9 million online

– Over 90% of online donations were in increments of $100 or less

– About 50% of online donations were in increments of $25 or less

– Over 4,000 grassroots volunteer groups founded on

– Over 9,000 blogs started, where people are chronicling their campaign experience

– Over 50,000 profiles created by members

What this tells me is that ordinary people are responding to Obama. I wonder actually how many of them are black folks. A friend of my family who later went on to head a university told me a story once about growing up in the South and after a hard summer’s work in the fields, decided to somehow, some way, go to college and be somebody. One of his fellow workers, an older man, never said goodbye but left $2 towards his journey in an envelope on the workers’ punch-in board. Now an old man himself, he still remembers how much that 2 whole dollars meant to him then and means even today.

That’s how we do. Let’s see if Edwards and Clinton can catch up to the momentum among the little people.

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