Just a week after taking a strong and sensible stand slamming the Congressional Black Caucus on their decision to partner with Fox News, a few phone calls from old friends at the CBC has the Reverend back-pedaling. You might recall him saying just last week:

Fox moderating a presidential debate on issues of importance to Black Americans is literally letting the Fox guard the henhouse – Fox should be rejected.

Now he says according to the New York Times Caucus Blog:

that while he had “concerns” about Fox News, he had decided to “give deference” to the Congressional Black Caucus institute…

In the wake of the DNC’s decision not to sanction the CBC/Fox debates probably leaning in favor of the Tavis Smiley/PBS presidential debates — well, it just makes Jackson look like a Jackass. Irrelevant. Behind the times. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. If you don’t stand for something — and stick to that stand — you’ll fall for anything. “Defering” must be some new code word for winking.

Hey Jesse — hope News Corp is sending Rainbow/PUSH a big ol’ check for your support!

If you think this is silliness, go on and call or email them and let them know how you feel:


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