Here’s Sen. Chuck Schumer giving a candid interview after the Gonzales hearing that someone sent me. He essentially says (to paraphrase), look something’s amiss here. Where did the list of U.S. Attorneys to fire come from? Did it come from the White House and how far up in the administration? “The arrow points to the White House,” Schumer says.

That’s a really good question. Americans seem to “get” this case in a way that they didn’t get the Scooter Libby trial as a serious indictment on the Bush Administration’s ethical and legal conduct. It’s also interesting that in the wake of the Gonzales hearing there doesn’t seem to be a super-strong exclamation of support for Gonzales from the White House. Just more spin. There was a brief statement released which sounds like it was written before the testimony but not directly from the President to the American people.

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